Artisan Peace Stores in Ames, Iowa is now selling Natural View Products!

Artisan Peace Stores

136 Main Street
Ames, Iowa USA 50010
Phone #: (515) 233-3109
Contact Email:

The purpose of the Artisan Peace Store is to give opportunities for local as well as international crafters and artists to display and sell their arts and crafts.

We want to provide opportunities to artists and crafters both locally and internationally to increase the possible incomes of  people who like to create as well as need an income source.
We want our store to support new people getting into arts and crafts as well as customers wanting to buy more products from those interested in creating them.We want to encourage home industries and making products at home around the world. We like the option for people to buy and experience the craftmanship and artistic aesthetic in natural, handmade, homemade, personal creations rather than just mass production and factory made products. We feel that our products have a higher life value to them because there is a connection to a real person. We always strive to work with Fair Trade providers who are ethical and deal  with their help in a safe and humanitarian manner. We hope you will agree.

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