Occupy Monsanto Buying Guide

GMO FREE Heirloom Tomato Plant Peace Sign Apron

Companies Owned By Monsanto:

Seminis (seed company)
Scott's (Miracle Grow, etc)
Say No To GMO Monarch Butterfly Magnet

Companies/Brands Selling Monsanto Products:

Aunt Jemima                                   Chef Boyardee
Aurora Foods                                 Coca Cola
Banquet                                          Con Agra
Best Foods                                     Delicious Brand Cookies
Betty Crocker                                 Duncan Hines
GMO FREE Heirloom Tomato Plant Peace Sign Dry Erase White BoardBisquick                                         Famous Amos
Cadbury                                         Frito Lay
Campbell's                                     General Mills
Capri Sun                                       Green Giant
Carnation                                        Healthy Choice

Heinz                                             Keebler/Flowers Industries                                          
Hellman's                                       Kellogg's
Hershey's Nestle                            Kid's Cuisine
GMO FREE Heirloom Tomato Peace Sign Organic TeeHolsum                                          Knorr
Hormel                                          Kool-Aid
Hungry Jack                                  Kraft/Phillip Morris
Hunt's                                            Lean Cuisine
Interstate Bakeries                         Lipton
Jiffy                                               Loma Linda
KC Masterpiece                           Marie Callender's

GMO FREE Heirloom Tomato Plant Peace Sign Bumper StickerMinute Maid                                 Pepsi
Morningstar                                  Pillsbury
Mrs. Butterworth's                        Pop Secret
Nabisco                                        Post Cereals
Nature Valley                               Power Bar Brand
Ocean Spray                                Prego Pasta Sauce
Ore-Ida                                       Pringles
GMO Warning LabelOrville Redenbacher                     Proctor & Gamble
Pasta Roni                                   Quaker
Pepperidge Farms                       Ragu Sauce

Smart Ones
GMO Cancer BagSweppes
Tombstone Pizza
Uncle Ben's

Unpackaged Food Products That Contain GMO's:

Fresh Corn & Sweet Corn (Unless labeled gmo free or organic)
Fresh Soybeans (Unless labeled gmo free or organic)

Non-Food Products Owned by Monsanto:

Miracle Grow
Ortho Weed-B-Gone
Round-Up Weed Killer
Scott's Lawn Service

Non-Food Products That Contain Monsanto Ingredients:

Cotton (unless labeled non gmo or organic)

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Non-GMO Project Verified

- Organic Baker's Cocoa
- Organic Chocolate Syrup
- Organic Cocoa Mix
- Organic non-dairy Chocolate Mix

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