How To Add Pages To Your Blogger Blog In 8 Easy Steps

This blogger feature allows you publish static information on stand alone pages. You can create an affiliate page like the one I've created on this here to view about page that talks about the purpose or progress of your blog, a contact page with email, directions, phone number, or a map or anything you'd like to display on your blog. You can create up to 10 pages!

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  1. To create a page log in to blogger click on design, then under posts, click on pages.
  2. Click on blank page, or you can choose web address but this option will go to another web page like your Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Create your page just like you'd create a blog post. 
  4. When you've finished and published your page go to your page Layout. 
  5. Add a gadget to display the link to your new page either at the top of your blog or in the sidebar. Select the list gadget.
  6. In the bottom box first type the word or words you'd like to display, like "Affiliate Program", then click the link graphic just to the right of the box, enter the url (web address) of your new page, example: , click "ok" then "add item".
  7. If you've added more than one page you can change the order by clicking on the up and down arrows next to "Edit Delete".
  8. Then click save and check to see that everything looks the way you'd like it to. Good Luck!

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